#21. 1 Year!


We are about a year in now at the Foxcroft studio. Crazy. It has been a wild ride.

We spent about 3 months writing a business plan before opening the space. In that plan we combined our 9+ years worth of personal training  experience with our 20+ years of combined elite sports training to create what we hoped would be a place that wholly “trained” everyone who walked through the doors - body, mind, and soul.  Sports and fitness has formed not just our personal physical lives, but ALL of our lives. We opened the Justice Fitness studio to do for others what some great people and programs have done for us. By taking the “best” of it all, we aimed to make Justice Fitness the best place in Charlotte to train the:


Frequency: ideally, Justice Fitness workouts are performed 3 days a week complimented with 3 additional days devoted to endurance-cardiovascular training and 1 day of rest. We wrote earlier about why we suggest separating cardio and strength training based on anecdotal and scientific evidence. We personally do JFit 3 days a week and ride, run, or swim (in another life) on 3 additional days for about 40-50 minutes at a time with some core work and stretching after. We take one day completely off, which has proven to be gold for our overall health. 

Intensity: JFit workouts are most effective when weights are maximized so that the last reps in a set are tough to perform. Moreover, you get the most out of your workouts when form is prioritized. For example, on a lunge, your knee should come close to tapping the ground (or landing point). While it may be tempting to try rush through a workout, they are designed to last no less than 50 minutes if weights are heavy enough and form is good. With these two elements in place, and communication with neighbors is limited (albeit very important :)), JFit workouts will get your heart rate up big time, burn a lot of calories (all throughout the day), and build lasting strength. 



We don’t want to be just another gym. We are committed to making the studio aesthetically pleasing, clean. and just downright happy. This doesn’t take much effort on Steve’s part. He is not premeditatevely thinking about how to scare you when you walk in the door (well, not at least more than 2 minutes before he sees you). He also isn’t trying to misspell “pregnancy” when he writes on the board that the one material possession he can not live without is his coveted pillow.  Steve just has some joy, joy, joy down in his heart and it has to spill over (or else he may burst). We are committed to making you a more satisfied, contented, and most simply put, happier person when you leave the studio than when you first walk in. 



Steve and Lindsey spent most of their lives ascribing to a performance-based religion (that they thought was Christianity). If they performed well in life (at home, on the field, in the classroom etc), then they earned the love and approval of everyone around them - including God. If they didn’t meet the standards of their parents, coaches, teachers, and ultimately God, then they didn’t have their love. 

It wasn’t until right before tragedy struck the Justice Family in 2014 that Steve and Lindsey were awakened to the truth of who they were and who God was (and always is). Once they came to understand that they were more flawed than they ever dared believe, yet more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than they ever dared hope, they were set free to live good lives from, and not for, God’s favor. Now, they long to share (not force) the good news they received with all who think (like they once did)  that “being good” is the way to lasting happiness.


To wrap it up, Justice Fitness is committed to serving the JFit family wholeheartedly. Our efforts go to meeting your specific needs in every way we possibly can. We are constantly striving to create fresh and innovative workouts and supplying you with top-notch nutritional supplements and advice. We trust that if we take complete care care of you, everything else will take care of itself. 

So, here’s to year 2. We can’t wait.

Lindsey Justice