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small group training

By providing you with personal attention AND group accountability, we are able to help you reach your fitness goals in powerful ways. 

You have your own station

Sets and reps complement and build on each other so that you become stronger

Kettlebells, dumbbells, bosu balls, flex & dyna-discs, TRX, bender balls, exercise bands, and free motion machines are a few of the toys you get to play with in your daily adventures. 

Each workout is crafted with intention: done by design and with much care.

Best of all, you get Steve to coach, motivate, and make you laugh :)

5 words to describe the “JF way” are: effective, efficient, transformative, and seriously fun!

60 minute sessions; up to 6 clients at a time; always different, always fun, always a GOOD CHALLENGE.



85% (at least) of the battle is what goes in your mouth. We help you figure out what to eat and when, depending on your goals, your dietary preferences, and your lifestyle. Email Lindsey at if you are interested.

Consider this chance meeting an opportunity! If you are considering hiring Steve and Lindsey, you have what you need! Do not let this opportunity slip away.
— Brian
I can’t say enough about the passion that Lindsey and Steve have for their work and their clients. Their professionalism, integrity and knowledge is unmatched.
— Sue
Working with Steve and Lindsey Justice has not only improved my fitness level, it has led me to friendships with these two amazing people, deepened my faith, and changed my relationship with food and my body.
— Lauren
Being a division one athlete, I wondered if Steve and Lindsey could really challenge me. To be honest, I lost my cookies the first day I trained. Their workouts are no joke!
— Ben